Katie Jenson-Hull personal styling consultant and assistant in fashion


Style Consultancy

Wardrobe Revamp

When you open your wardrobe what do you feel? Uninspired? Stressed? Do you often say to yourself, I have nothing to wear? Or are you undergoing a major life change like becoming a mummy, returning to work after maternity leave or starting a new job? Are you craving to put together 24hr outfits that take you day to night? Need inspiration and direction with the change of seasons?

Prior to my visit we will have completed a consultation form and with this information I will set about clearing through your wardrobe.  We will "shop in your wardrobe" and I will show you how to mix and match your outfits, reinventing and building a capsule wardrobe. I will create perfect outfit plans to suit your needs. During our time together I will also provide information about your colours, style and fit.

Always wanted a referenced wardrobe for super quickness? No problem at all. Do you have items that need altering? I will pin and take them to a professional tailor.

Would you like inspiration with your make up and knowledge on your skincare? I can provide skincare and make up consultations to meet your daily needs as well as your special occasion needs. This package is called "Home is where the heart is" and contains a wardrobe revamp and all of the delights above as well. Let us guide and pamper you!