Katie Jenson-Hull personal styling consultant and assistant in fashion


Style Consultancy


It truly is the best day of your life on your wedding day! I absolutely loved my day, but it isn't half stressful. You want everything to be completely spot on, just as you want it. At the end of the day, most people have been thinking about this time in their life since they were little. You can spend hours searching and planning all the attention to detail giving yourself a major headache. Maybe you don't have hours to do the preparation and the searching or simply don't know where to start?

After a consultation and brief about your hopes and desires for the big day I will do the sourcing of items for you. We will visit various places of interest and with guidance select the perfect ensemble for your occasion. Finding the right fit, colour and style to bring a tear to your eye and make you scream, yes this is the one!

I can help to provide inspiration and source items for themed weddings and weddings of different eras. I will also provide skincare advice leading up to the big day and make-up advice for on the day.

Do you need help selecting and  dressing your wedding party? No idea how to dress your bridesmaids or the mother of the bride needs some guidance? Together we can make the day a very special and magical day.